We supply and install a wide selection of specialty products for commercial applications including:


  • Curtain wall and window systems
  • Entrance doors/shopfront windows/lobbies and foyers
  • Wheelchair Accessible Doors/Power Assisted Doors
  • Commercial Windows/Glazing/Curved Glass/Sealed Units
  • Fire Doors – Steel and Wood
  • Solariums/Sliding and Swing Doors/Balcony Doors
  • PVC & Aluminum Windows/Screens
Planning and Advice

Planning and Advice:

Whether you are a builder, contractor, building manager or business owner, we can help you explore options and solutions for selecting the right types of products, materials and styles based on your needs, specifications, budget and timeline.

We provide advice related to structural requirements and whether restoration or repair is a viable option to new installation/replacement.

Servicing, Repairs and Restoration:

Before replacing windows, consider having them serviced and/or repaired.  In many cases, proactive maintenance can extend the life of windows for several years.  Examples of repairs:


  • Thermal replacement of all types for curtain walls and commercial window systems
  • Exterior caulking of low-rise and high-rise curtain wall and window systems
  • Repair or replacement of all types of screens for windows and doors
  • Hardware replacement
  • Glass replacement: broken, cracked, seal failure/fogging between glass
  • Window and door adjustments (hard to close, drafts)
  • Balcony repairs and restoration
  • Stucco and brickwork repairs/exterior caulking
  • Repairs related to water leaks, flood and mold damage e.g., wood replacement
Servicing, Repairs and Restoration
Water Leak Testing

Water Leak Testing:


Water infiltration detection using high tech infrared thermal imaging and ultrasonic water detection.

Parts and Hardware:


Need a part? We carry a wide variety of window and door hardware.

Let us know what you are looking for and we may have it.

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Parts and Hardware